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Flexible reliability

September 28, 2016

Transport is movement – and on the move: there is scarcely another branch which changes so quickly. This requires adaptability. And calls increasingly for flexible logistics service providers rather than classic freight forwarders.

Brantner Transport.Logistics is one of the few medium-sized family companies in Austria with an appropriately large number of its own vehicles and drivers. We have integrated a number of sub-partners in our business processes and can deploy them just like our own fleet. This means that we are able to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the marketplace and seasonal fluctuations. The main field of activity of Brantner Transport GmbH will remain clearly in central Europe. Brantner became established in this sector through business with Germany, with Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland currently being added. We also intend to extend our activities in the domestic market and in Switzerland. A new chapter in the development of our company began earlier this year. We acquired the plant and shipping logistics operations of a major customer in the east of Austria and hope to be able to establish ourselves accordingly in the logistics segment as a result. In the medium term we also aim to develop our portfolio with regard to warehouse logistics and take advantage of the excellent location of the parent company in Krems.

There is one thing which will not change: Brantner Transport.Logistics will remain a flexible, reliable and neutral transport partner with integrity for its customers – in keeping with the motto: We all do the same – Brantner just does it a little differently.

Brantner Transport.Logistics

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