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About us

Innovation by tradition. Founded by the Brantner family in 1936 and now employing more than 2,700 people, the Brantner Group achieved an estimated non-consolidated turnover of EUR 240 million in 2014. Based in Krems/Austria - the place it was originally founded - the company is now in its third generation and is one of the most successful national and international disposal and logistics businesses.

The company is backed by decades of experience and operates successfully within Austria as well as extending out to cover the CEE region and beyond. The responsibility of taking care of our future today is practised anew on a daily basis by the employees of the Brantner Group.

Brantner Transport.Logistics

Brantner Transport GmbH
Dr. Franz Wilhelm-Straße 1
3500 Krems an der Donau
T: +43 59 445 2000
Fax Disposition: +43 59 445 2602
E: office.transport(at)