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PLUG-IN hybrid press-type waste collection vehicle now also in use in Slovakia

April 18, 2017

Following the successful use of Brantner's first PLUG-IN hybrid press-type waste collection vehicle in east Austria we have now invested in another vehicle for our subsidiary Brantner Poprad s.r.o. in Poprad, Slovakia.

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In use now for some days, the new generation of press-type refuse trucks is not only a welcome sight in the countryside, thanks to the reduced emissions and noise of the electric tipping, it also has a positive impact on the environment and residents.

"With this innovation the city of Poprad is a pioneer in forward-thinking resource management and uses the unique hybrid technology together with Brantner, its waste management partner. It is the first PLUG-IN hybrid press-type waste collection in use in Slovakia," says managing director Dusan Magula, delighted about the success.

Unlike conventional press-type bin lorries, which still feature diesel-powered hydraulic mechanisms, the pressing unit including tipping on this new development is powered electrically by means of a battery. The engine of the lorry can be switched off while the compactor is in use. Thanks to its hybrid technology, the diesel consumption of the lorry is reduced by 25%, it produces around 25% less CO2 and up to 75% less noise.

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