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July 10, 2015

Brantner Walter GmbH acquired 48% of the company Terra Umwelttechnik GmbH.

Terra Umwelttechnik GmbH located in Vienna was founded in 2004 as an independent organisation for environmental services by Alois Fürnkranz and Robert Philipp, former employees of OMV Proterra, a subsidiary of OMV AG specialising in environmental services.

Thanks to the extensive know-how of the Terra team, Terra Umwelttechnik is one of the most competent environmental protection companies in Europe. Its main fields of business are contamination management (in-situ and ex-situ remediation of contaminated sites and remediation of chemical accidents, oil alarm service, advice on hazard assessment, examination and evaluation of contaminated sites or sites to be closed down), water management (well installation and well inspection and maintenance, groundwater simulations and modelling plus continuous monitoring, groundwater conservation), waste management (remediation through excavation, demolition of industrial facilities, recultivation of remediated surfaces, surface sealing, overall concepts, planning of waste management facilities, waste management consulting) and research & development.

Thanks to this new partnership, a multitude of synergy opportunities will open up for both the BRANTNER Group and Terra Umwelttechnik GmbH, especially in the building, planning and project management of landfill sites, remediation of contaminated sites and water treatment, preferably with regard to the countries Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania but also in Austria.
Both companies, BRANTNER and Terra, have each held a 24.5% interest in the company Ökotechna GmbH since December 2013. This now makes BRANTNER, besides the company Habau Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft mbH located Perg, Upper Austria, the largest stakeholder of Ökotechna. The company Ökotechna GmbH works in the field of recycling and landfill construction, remediation of contaminated sites, site cleaning and collection, sorting and waste management.

BRANTNER has also increased its stake in the company Ölwert GmbH from what was 50% to 90%.
The company Ölwert is one of the biggest collectors and recyclers of waste cooking oil and has been using it to produce quality-assured biodiesel at the location in Mureck, Styria, since 2014. In addition to Austria the company also works in this field in Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia.

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