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Walter Brantner sen.
Walter Brantner jun.

1936 The first chapter in the history of the Austrian family-owned business headquartered in Krems an der Donau (Lower Austria) begins when Walter Brantner senior (born in 1910) founds a taxi company followed by a travel agency and bus company.

1960 His son, Walter Brantner junior (born in 1940), joins the family business and begins to continuously build up both a national and international transport company.

1976 Walter Brantner junior establishes the business units waste management and municipal services. The first services are offered to the first municipalities in (Lower) Austria.

1991 Based on the know-how and visions of Walter Brantner junior, transport & logistics and waste management and municipal services are expanded continuously in western and eastern Europe. Over the following years the company founds countless subsidiaries in Germany, Luxembourg, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Bernd Brantner

2000 Walter Brantner junior's son, Bernd Brantner (born in 1977) joins the company. The national and international expansion of the Brantner Group is driven forward continuously.

2004 The steady growth continues. Further Brantner locations are established in Slovenia and Romania. The Brantner Group spins off its travel agency business. This year also sees the Brantner Group make one of its largest acquisitions, with the company acquiring NUA waste management from the province of Lower Austria.

2007 The Brantner Group founds companies in Serbia.

2011 The Brantner Group ventures into Asia and establishes its first place of business in Turkey. The Facility Services business unit is founded in Austria at the same time.

Today Consistent, sustainable expansion – this is the policy Brantner has followed right up to the current day. New subsidiaries in south-eastern Europe and Turkey are currently being founded. And there is a lot happening in the company's home country, too.
The Brantner Group, which remains entirely family owned, today comprises 60 Group companies, employs a workforce of over 2,500 people and has more than 1,000 vehicles and machines in operation.

Facts and figures

  • 100% family business in its third generation
    Walter Brantner senior, born 1910
    Walter Brantner junior, born 1940
    Bernd Brantner, born 1977
  • Represented in 6 countries
    Austria since 1936
    Germany since 1991
    Slovakia since 1992
    Czech Republic since 1992
    Romania since 2004
    Serbia since 2007
  • 60 Group companies and joint ventures in Europe and Asia
  • Over 2,500 employees (2017)
  • Over 1,000 vehicles and machines
  • 16 landfills in Europe
  • 12 sorting facilities in Europe
  • 9 composting facilities in Europe
  • 6 additional processing facilities

Brantner Group

Brantner Gruppe GmbH
Dr.-Franz Wilhelm-Straße 1
A-3500 Krems an der Donau
T: +43 59 444, F: +43 59 444 1601