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Once it has been collected the waste is sorted to obtain pure fractions. Brantner operates sorting facilities of its own at the following locations:

  • Krems (commercial sorting of plastics) and
  • Wölbling (one of the most modern plastics sorting plants in Europe)

Automatic plastics sorting facility in Wölbling

A plastics sorting facility featuring top state-of-the-art technology has been established in Wölbling in Lower Austria through several phases of rebuilding and extensions since 2004. The plant belonging to Brantner Environmental.Facility Services uses ultramodern NIR (near-infrared) and transmitted light technology to process mixed packaging wastes from household collections.

Some 19,000 t of used plastic packaging are now sorted here every year, representing a catchment area of around 1.2 million inhabitants.

In addition to conventional, manual sorting (PE films, HDPE canisters, PE/PP buckets, PS/PP cups and bottles), the automatic sorting modules which are used can sort the fractions PET drinks bottles (in 3 colours), PE bottles and other PET packaging.Tin and aluminium cans are also sorted automatically and precisely using magnetic and non-ferrous separators.

Unwanted and foreign matter is removed at several stations during the entire sorting process to achieve the required purities for the fractions produced (95 to 98%).

Around 50% of the sorted plastics are used in materials recycling and the rest are used in the production of RDF, primarily for the cement industry.

The plastics sorting facility in Wölbling thus makes a valuable contribution towards conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

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