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Utilisation of biogenic wastes

Compost and soil products help to improve soil structure and are thus the most sensible way of utilising organic wastes. This means that your organic waste can be used to make sustainable and environmentally-friendly products for your garden. Organic fertiliser is sustainable, environmentally-friendly and promotes soil activity. 

You can obtain a variety of organic fertilisers for your garden from the following locations:



The following products are available from us:

Sewage sludge composting

Sewage sludge as a residue from primarily municipal sewage plants is processed together with tree and hedge clippings to make quality sludge-derived compost. Sludge-derived compost is used above all in landscaping and sometimes in farming.

If you are interested in our quality sludge-derived compost it is available at the following locations:

NUA Abfallwirtschaft – Hollabrunn
Postfach 2
2020 Hollabrunn
T: 059 444 4622

NUA Abfallwirtschaft – Horn
3580 Horn
T: 059 444 4626

Compag Rohstoff - Pulkau
Rafing 41
3741 Rafing
Contact on site: Hermann Wurst
T: 0664 153 9153

Brantner Environmental.Facility Services

Brantner Österreich GmbH
Dr.-Franz-Wilhelm-Straße 2a
A-3500 Krems an der Donau
T: +43 59 444, F: +43 59 444 4005
E: office.waste(at)