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Collection of non-hazardous wastes

Professional and environmentally-friendly disposal, transport, sorting and reutilisation of all types of waste have made Brantner the company it is today – your reliable partner in all areas of waste management. Simply contact us for further details and personal advice!

Non-hazardous wastes

Brantner offers individual solutions for the handling of commercial and all other types of waste. Non-hazardous wastes are collected separately and disposed of/sorted/reutilised in an environmentally compliant way.

We take care of the following non-hazardous wastes for you:

• Municipal and similar commercial waste
• Bulky waste
• Paper and cardboard
• All types of plastic
• Scrap wood, scrap windows, scrap doors
• Biogenic waste
• Scrap and non-ferrous metal
• Glass
• Kitchen and catering waste
• Tyres
• ... and much more

Waste cooking oil collection

Proper disposal and treatment

The Brantner Group is your waste management specialist for used cooking oil, grease and fat from households and catering companies. We offer individual tank solutions and replacement systems for the collection of used cooking oil.

Ultramodern technology and laboratory facilities at our Langenlois site ensure that the used cooking oils and fats we receive are cleaned and treated professionally. Our customer relations with leading producers of biodiesel are based on years of experience and reliability.

Used cooking oil collection from households

Around 1,200 tonnes are collected for reuse every year from households in Lower Austria and Burgenland through the "NÖLI" and "Fetty" systems.

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Building site waste

The proper sorting of waste and the reutilisation of recyclable materials can reduce your building site costs. Together with you, we develop an individual waste management concept tailored to your needs and, naturally, also handle the collection to schedule.

Our portfolio includes the handling of the following wastes:

• Building site waste
• Mineral construction and demolition waste (recyclable)
• Mineral construction and demolition waste (non-recyclable)
• Excavated material
• Scrap metal/site scrap
• Scrap wood

Brantner Environmental.Facility Services

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