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Collection of hazardous wastes

The handling of hazardous wastes is regulated by stringent legal requirements. Whether it is trade or industry, car workshops, hospitals, medical centres or laboratories, we offer you professional disposal, treatment and reutilisation – liquid or solid – for the following wastes:

  • Car workshop waste
  • Waste paint and coatings
  • Batteries
  • Solvent mixtures
  • Waste oil
  • Infectious waste
  • Laboratory waste and waste chemicals
  • etc.

Car workshop wastes

Car workshop wastes such as oils, grease, old batteries, coatings or paint can have an extremely negative impact on the environment if they are not handled properly. Simply leave the disposal of these wastes to the professionals – our many years of experience guarantee you have the ideal and customised waste management solution for your company. We handle the disposal not only of your hazardous waste materials, of course, but also all types of waste ranging from residual waste to scrap metal. Brantner's daily business also includes the regular maintenance and cleaning of oil separators.

Grease and oil separator contents

As a professional waste management company Brantner handles all matters concerning your oil separators for filling stations and car workshops and grease and fat traps for the catering industry.
Brantner offers you the following services:

  • Yearly check of your separator equipment in accordance with the Indirect Discharge Ordinance (IDO)
  • Waste water inspection in accordance with IDO incl. sample removal and test report
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of your facilities
  • Recording of all cleaning and maintenance activities in maintenance log

Tank cleaning and tank disassembly

Our services are fulfilled in accordance with legal standards and ordinances.

As a Brantner customer you benefit from our complete solutions from a single source. We take care of all the associated work and procedures, from professional cleaning with degassing and subsequent disassembly to the compilation of the necessary official documents.

Medical wastes

An enormous amount of medical and contaminated waste is generated every day in medical centres and hospitals. We handle the disposal of medical wastes reliably, professionally and correctly, including e.g. needles, cannulas, expired medications and disinfectants in accordance with Austrian standard ÖNORM S 2104 and, of course, in special, closed collection systems.

Brantner Environmental.Facility Services

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