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Quality compost A

Best quality compost from sewage sludge and green clippings, used primarily in landscape gardening and construction for plants with increased nutrient requirements.

Compost is highly active in biological terms and ideal as lawn fertiliser and to revitalise an existing bed. Working 10l/m2 in the top 10 cm of the soil on a yearly basis is sufficient. You should never put plants directly in pure compost!

Sewage sludge composting process
Sewage sludge is processed together with tree and hedge clippings to make quality sludge-derived compost. In the first step, the tree and hedge clippings delivered by trade customers, municipalities, associations and private customers are shredded.

The mixed material is placed on a ventilated rotting area in heaps. The compost is turned over every 4 to 7 days.

Top quality compost, which is tested at least twice a year in accordance with the guidelines of the Composting Act, is ready after around 4 months.

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