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Brantner soil

Do your garden a favour and treat it to some top products from Brantner! NUA Abfallwirtschaft GmbH, a company of the Brantner Group, is already known for its compost and soil production. Let us take this opportunity to introduce all the products to you:

BIO Universal Soil
The basis is A+ quality compost, wood fibre, lava granules and organic fertiliser.
This ready-to-use, bio-certified soil is suitable for a wide variety of use in the garden, on the terrace or on a balcony.

"Bio Universal Soil" is ideal for growing vegetables in a raised bed. High nutrient-demanding vegetables in particular such as potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers benefit from the high-nutrient Bio Universal Soil.

If you are using it in raised bed, please use a 15 cm thick layer. Add the first fertiliser after 5-6 weeks, e.g. the organic liquid fertiliser "Compag Bio Flower Fertiliser" which is available at selected NUA locations. Not suitable for indoor plants and bog garden plants!

BIO garden soil
The basis is finely screened humus combined with grade A+ quality compost and two different sand grades. You can then take this soil which is mixed by us and work it directly into your vegetable plots or flower beds. You will find our garden soil listed in the catalogue for organic farming materials.

Lawn soil
The basis is finely screened humus and grade A compost which is mixed with two different sand grades. This soil is ideal for laying rolls of turf. Thanks to its loose structure the lawn soil spreads extremely well.

Roof garden soil
Make your roof beautiful and green with our roof garden soil. Choose your individual mixing ratio here.

Raised beds
A raised bed makes gardening easier and saves space. You can obtain high-quality raised larch wood beds including metal slug barrier and membrane from us at any time.

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