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"Out of the frying pan into the tank"

Did you know that 1 litre of waste cooking oil can make 1 litre of biodiesel?

Brantner Energy GmbH, a Brantner Group company, has been using waste cooking oil to produce quality-assured biodiesel at the location in Mureck since 2014. More than 20 million litres of waste cooking oil and fat is collected from households and companies every year. This waste cooking oil is turned into high-grade organic fuel at our biodiesel facility in accordance with EN 14214 and fulfils all criteria for the official admixing of biodiesel. It is supplied not only to our customers but also our own logistics division.

This closes the "green loop": waste is used to produce valuable energy again through recovery and reprocessing. And this not only conserves resources, it also has a very positive impact on CO2 efficiency.
A waste management problem is solved, plus an ecological and sustainable biofuel is created.

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