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Working for you 365 days a year: our refuse collectors

January 27, 2017

While many of us go about their daily work in warm environments in the winter months, our Brantner teams are in action outdoors for waste collection and disposal despite the icy cold – making our environment pleasant to live in.

Regular breaks, rest periods and protective clothing enable them to carry out their duties in an impressive manner even in these extreme conditions. As used in extreme sports, Brantner also has technical apparel to combat harsh weather conditions. From multiple layer work jackets to special winter boots which give you a perfect grip to avoid accidents through slipping and falling.

Snow also represents a major challenge for refuse collectors, especially when there are containers weighing up to 800 kg which have to be moved by hand through the masses of snow. This kind of work put a lot of strain on the body. In order to prevent any later injuries as a result of this type of work, Brantner offers "back fitness" courses on a weekly basis.

Our thanks go to our hard-working refuse collectors for their untiring efforts all year round!

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