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Wood – a valuable raw material

May 02, 2017

The wood market is subjected to constant change. The price is connected closely to economic growth and is falling drastically at the moment, which is why waste wood recycling, dependant on the development of the wood price, is becoming increasingly attractive.

Used wood is a significant secondary raw material which, after treatment and preparation, becomes an important raw material for industry, e.g. in the manufacture of chipboard or to generate power and heat.

The promotion of and change to alternative energies is a much debated topic – especially since Fukushima. The main part of biomass used for energy purposes in Austria comes from forests. Bioenergy refers to energy which is derived from biomass. It has turned into the most important domestic source of energy in recent years and is a mainstay of energy supply. Thanks to the use of biomass-derived energy, costly imports of natural gas and oil from what are in some cases politically unstable countries and over vast distances can be reduced. This increases independence in energy supply.

Holz-Rec in Herzogenburg, a company of the Brantner Group, offers individual solutions for the recycling and reutilisation of waste wood and has specialised in special techniques and processes for collection, treatment and preparation for the reuse of certain materials such as wood packaging, construction timber, demolished timber, used furniture, etc. For more information please visit:

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