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Raised beds – trend-setting feel-good features for your garden

August 22, 2016

What used to be a curiosity now has a fixed place in most gardens – and it does come with a number of benefits: it is better for your back, plants grow faster and it helps to keep slugs at bay.

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Brantner has also followed this modern gardening trend and redesigned a 1100 litre waste container to make a modern raised bed consisting of the following layers from bottom to top:

  • Rough hedge clippings approx. 25 cm: drainage for the above layers; helps ventilation
  • Fine hedge clippings/leaves/sod approx. 5 cm: filter which prevents soil being washed out; later nutrient store
  • Brantner compost approx. 20 cm: quickly available nutrient store for deep-rooting plants
  • Brantner garden soil/Brantner BIO universal soil approx. 30 cm: nutrient-rich soil for optimum plant feeding
  • Mulching material (e.g. grass cuttings) approx. 5-7 cm: protects the soil from drying out, prevents severe weed growth and is nourishment for soil organisms



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