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Earth Day

April 21, 2017

Earth Day is held in over 175 countries on 22 April.


The VÖEB – Austrian Association of Waste Management Companies – took the opportunity of this day of action to draw people's attention to the importance of an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, i.e. the conscious handling of resources, separating waste correctly and the right way to compost organic waste.

Stefan Tollinger of Brantner stresses how important it is to separate organic waste properly as a valuable resource in the production of high-quality soil and compost. "Unfortunately, we still frequently find residual waste or packaging such as plastic bags in organic waste bins which certainly do not belong there at all and contaminate the valuable biogenic waste," says Tollinger.

The company Brantner produces several thousand tonnes of soil and compost at four Lower Austrian locations for an extremely wide variety of applications.

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