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January 26, 2015

Do you need space for your new mattress? Let the waste disposal specialists at Brantner take care of your used one!

As municipal solid waste, mattresses and similar commercial waste are collected for disposal and usually taken to incineration plants. Due to their size, mattresses often cause considerable problems in terms of handling at the incinerator. Additionally, secondary raw materials are lost forever.

If proper sorting processes are available, however, foam, polyurethane (PUR) and latex can be reprocessed to make carpet underlays, footfall sound insulation and similar items. Innersprings and spring steel make their way to the steel industry as a secondary raw material.

Studies show that consumers have a growing preference for environmentally aware companies. With your contribution to the recycling of used mattresses, you show your customers your commitment to the environment as a manufacturer and distributor. Lead the way when it comes to the recycling of your products!

Brantner uses the collected mattresses for material recycling. With this process we help to conserve primary raw materials and set a lasting example for the environment. Contact our Brantner waste management specialists for information on individual waste management concepts for the recycling of your mattresses. We accept all mattress types and sizes and process them, providing they are dry.

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