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October 19, 2015

In Austria almost all HGVs run on diesel. Diesel engines emit far more nitrogen oxides (NOx) and fine particles which leads to a very negative impact on air quality. The pollutant emissions of a Euro 6 lorry is 2 thirds less than those of a typical car in Austria.

As a result, Euro 0 heavy duty vehicles have been banned since 2008 and Euro 1 since 2014 in major cities such as Vienna and this ban will be extended to Euro 2 as of January 2016.

Further benefits of the use of Euro 6 vehicles – besides the environmental protection aspects – include lower toll fees and less diesel consumption. The purchase price of a Euro 6 vehicle, however, is roughly 30 per cent higher than the previous generation such as Euro 3, for example.

The Brantner Group is setting an example for the environment and the majority of its fleet vehicles in use both home and abroad are already Euro 6 and EEV standard.

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