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June 04, 2015

On 28 May 2015 the BRANTNER Group acquired 50% of the company Aten, an intermediate storage facility for hazardous waste founded by İnci Holding of Turkey in 2012. The joint venture operates under the brand name of "aten.brantner"

The idea behind the collaboration with İnci Holding is to make a contribution to sustainability and the conservation of resources in Turkey. İnci Holding, which like BRANTNER is a family-owned company, is the ideal partner for the BRANTNER Group due to its experience with international cooperation and the high degree of environmental awareness.

Following thorough market analysis and the evaluation of potential partners the two company groups decided in favour of the joint venture and will realise significant projects together in the future with the help of new technologies, for example in the disposal of hazardous waste.
Managing Director Bernd Brantner expects from the point of view of the BRANTNER Group that the waste management business in Turkey will continue to grow as in most European countries.

Thanks to this new partnership, a multitude of synergy opportunities are opening up for both the BRANTNER Group and İnci Holding in the fields of waste management and recycling. İnci Holding will benefit from the know-how of the BRANTNER Group above all with regard to refuse-derived fuels.

"We are delighted about the collaboration which has just begun with İnci Holding and the chance to grow with a local partner also in the Turkish market in a consistent and sustainable way. In doing so we will make use of our decades of experience in waste management and in the development of international partnerships, plus we will step up our activities in the recycling sector in Turkey, too," emphasises Managing Director Bernd Brantner.

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