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February 03, 2015

The objective of the long awaited Austrian Waste Management Act (AWMA) amendment and the new APO is to enable increased competition by allowing more collection and recycling systems (CRS) in the household sector.

Legal security for distributors, CRS and waste management companies will improve through a clear separation for packaging from the household and commercial sector. At the same time the aim is for the high standards with regard to the securing of raw materials and climate protection to be maintained and the high degree of service in the collection of packaging for households and commerce shall remain (high street waste management, etc.). Waste management for small businesses shall also remain connected to household refuse collection.

Besides this there are a number of new regulations and obligations, only some of which are mentioned here:

  • There are changes in the field of dispensation of household packaging for commercial enterprises and through the extension of responsibilities for self-fulfillers. As a result, it is no longer possible for self-fulfillers to organise the management of household packaging themselves.
  • Branch solutions, as offered previously by ARA, must in future be defined as stipulated by the Austrian Ministry of Life in order to enable all CRS to have the same conditions.
  • Through the new assignment of household and commercial packaging (§ 13h AWMA) and the newly defined collection and tariff categories, the assignment of accumulation points to individual collection modules is to be examined and, if necessary, adapted.
  • Collection categories are defined for the distribution of packaging collected at regional acceptance points to the CRS (appropriate market shares).

The time frame planned for the new approaches in the household sector is as follows:

  • As of 2015 other CRS will have the opportunity to also use the existing collection systems (ARA, AGR, Öko-Box).
  • In 2017 the CRS operating on the market at the time shall carry out tenders in the collection region allocated according to market share.
  • As of 2018 the respective CRS shall be responsible for coordination and target achievement in their regions for 5 years.

Further details about the topic of AWMA amendment and the new APO can be found on the internet platforms of the CRS and the Ministry of Life.

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