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Almost particle size

08. Januar 2018

Brantner has adopted a pioneering role in the field of slag treatment and is the first waste management company in the world which is able to sort out the five to fifteen per cent of metals which still remain in the ash and slag after residual waste incineration and put it back into the recyclable material cycle.

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Working in collaboration with the University of Leoben, the Brantner Group developed a system which enables you to separate small and ultrasmall pieces of metal from slag and put them back into the material cycle.

With the Brantner Wet Slag (BWS) system the slags are washed, heavy metals are separated and light slags are recovered using a nonferrous metal separator. Additionally, a specially developed fine slag treatment plant is used. This plant is able to separate heavy metals weighing from 0.05 to 3 mm – and this combination is unique in the world.

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